corporate_lawWe can assist you in registering Investment firms:

Undertakings in Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS): Law 225(I) of 2002 provides the legal framework for the registration, regulation and marketing of local and foreign funds established in Cyprus. Under the UCITS Law, UCITS is considered to be any organisation whose sole aim is to collectively invest publicly collected capital, in transferable securities via stock markets, banking deposits and any other investments and whose operation is based on the principle risk of diversification and whose units can be liquidated by the unit holder on request using the assets of the organisation.

Cyprus Investment Firms (CIFs): An investment firm governed by the Investment Firms Act of 2002 for the provision of investment services, registration, regulation of operations and supervision of CIFs.

CIFs must be licensed by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission, the relevant regulatory and supervisory authority
International Collective Investment Schemes (ICIS): ICIS is a private fund, which can have up to 100 investors (unit holders) whose purpose is the collective investment of funds injected into schemes by the unit holders. The ICIS Law, 1999 provides the required legal framework for the registration, regulation and supervision of ICIS.

An ICIS can have the following legal forms:

International fixed capital company
International variable capital company
International unit trust scheme, and
International investment limited partnership
ICISs are subject to tax like other entities.

 ICISs have:

Exemption from tax on foreign dividends
Exemption from tax on profit from sale of securities
No withholding tax on income repatriation by the ICISs